Kyoto Wellness is not accepting new clients currently. 

Make a change and rebuild your life.

Kyoto Wellness offers counseling for adults and couples in Kyoto and Osaka. We work from a mindfulness-based cognitive and interpersonal approach to help you increase your understanding of the problems and how you might be able to make a change in your life. We assist you in increasing your insight into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. The psychotherapist and client work together to address issues such as anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems, work-related stress, career decision, academic problems, trauma, grief, cultural adaptation, intercultural marriage, family issues, and stress related to medical concerns. We offer LGBT-friendly psychotherapy.  

Restore your balance.

Teletherapy Services (AKA Skype counseling, online counseling)

You want to access counseling services but there are no qualified professionals in your area? Kyoto Wellness offers teletherapy (AKA Skype therapy or online counseling) for people who live in Japan. Please note that teletherapy is not for everyone and you may be referred to a different service after the initial assessment. 


General Psychotherapy Services

We see clients with a broad range of concerns. The therapy approach is personalized based on individual needs. Many people struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, work-related stress, relationship issues, life decision making, stress related to illness, and acculturative stress. Research shows that psychotherapy is helpful and the benefit can be longer lasting than medications. 

Trauma-focused Counseling

Traumatic experiences are common and some struggle with the long term impact of traumatic experiences. Dr. Hirai has worked with many individuals with severe trauma and offered empirically supported treatment such as Narrative Exposure Therapy. The therapy approach can be individualized based on your needs. 

Marriage/Couple Counseling

When marital problems persist, couple counseling can be very helpful. Our approach to couples counseling is informed by research and clinical experiences. Couple counseling targets skill development (e.g., communication) and mutual understanding and compassion. We assist you in making goals that help you feel loved and happy again. 


Short-term Couple Decision Counseling

Divorce/separation is a big decision that has much impact on the couple and the family. For the couple with one partner seriously considering divorce/separation, we offer a short-term counseling (1-5 times) to help them carefully consider the path they want to choose and make decisions that best suit their needs. Due to the extended session, a separate rate applies. 


Psychologist - Reiko Hirai, Ph.D., L.P.

Education: PhD - University of Minnesota, Counseling Psychology; MA - Columbia University, Clinical Psychology

License No. and State: LP5858 Minnesota


Dr. Hirai is a Minnesota-based psychologist who graduated from a top ranked counseling psychology program in the U.S. She trained in various clinical settings, including university counseling centers, community career counseling center, County hospital, and CD/addiction treatment facility for adolescents and young adults. She has also offered psychotherapy to refugees with severe trauma and chronic health conditions at the Center for Victims of Torture - the largest treatment center for torture survivors in the U.S. She has returned to Japan in 2015 and started her practice in Kyoto and Osaka. 

Closed on the second weekend (Saturday morning til Monday morning)


The clients are required to be in a private room during a teletherapy session and the appointment will be cancelled if the client cannot secure a private room. 


English-speaking psychotherapists

If you want to find an English-speaking psychotherapist, please go to International Mental Health Professional (IMHPJ) website and search therapists. There are a few English speaking psychotherapists in Kansai. Psychotherapists need to submit their licensure documentations or the proof of their clinical training in order to become an IMHPJ member. 


Online/Phone counseling resource

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) offers phone/online counseling


English speaking psychiatrists in Kansai (please note that the receptionists may not speak English)

Dr. Nakajima at Nakajima Clinic 中嶋クリニック

Kyoto-shi Kita-ku Kitano Nishi Hakubai-cho 75  京都府京都市北区北野西白梅町75



Dr. Junko Takaishi at Takaishi Clinic 高石クリニック

Osaka-shi Kita-ku Umeda 1-2-2 Osaka ekimae dai-2 building 2F Suite 200

大阪市北区梅田1-2-2 大阪駅前第2ビル2階 200

# 06-6346-0777


Dr. Michihiro Takahashi at Takahashi Clinic高橋心療クリニック

Hyogo Ashiya-shi, Funado-cho 4-1 Laporte Honkan Suite 403 兵庫県芦屋市船戸町4-1 ラポルテ本館403

# 0797-31-0888


Online marriage education program for English speaking couples

Power of Two Marriage (skill-based program)



June 1, 2017 Kyoto Wellness went completely online. 

March 23, 2017 Dr. Hirai will return to the U.S. sometime soon and she will accept teletherapy clients only once she leaves Japan. 

February 20, 2017 Due to uncertainty in Dr. Hirai's availability from April 2017, we are accepting only short-term clients or teletherapy clients. 

July 14, 2016 - Kyoto Wellness launched teletherapy services. 

Dec 1, 2015 - Kyoto Wellness now offers services in Kitahama area/Osaka. 

Oct 13, 2015 - We are excited to announce that Dr. Hirai will soon start taking appointments in Osaka in addition to our Kyoto location.